The Design District is a World Class, comprehensive neighborhood development that is different from any other. It’s the development of a neighborhood. It’s the re-urbanization of the center of Miami and the reversal of urban sprawl.

It is a retail center that can support 24/7, vibrant, and sustainable lifestyle and shopping experiences.

The Design District has become highly sought after by tenants, developers, & investors from around the world.
We bought a building on 41st Street in 2014 when the Design District was starting to change. We waited for the creative wave that had already hit 39th and 40th Streets to reach 41st Street. While we waited, we came up with an Atelier, a workshop for artists, fashion designers, jewelers, photographers, painters, architects, and designers. We then waited for the right time to sell it as a mix-used concept to buyers who want their name to be part of the Design District.

We sold the project in 2022. Mission accomplished.

There are almost 8 billion people worldwide,
so there are nearly 8 billion opinions, needs, and points of view (give or take).
We are all different, but we are all people, so we all need a place to call home.
Because home is more than just a place where your heart is;
it is where, after everything that is said and done,
you always want to be.