Prague 1, Old Rown

Jilská 2’s neo-renaissance structure was designed in 1889 by the prominent Austrian architect, Antonin Wiehl and the famous Czech artist – Mikulas Ales – This legendary pair designed two other buildings together in Prague including the Rott Building on Malé náměstí, which is currently the Hard Rock Café.

Jilská 2 is located on the corner of Jilská and Skořepka street in Prague’s Old Town . The address represents the optimum combination of tradition and modernity. Besides offering facilities up to the latest comfortable living standards. Jilská 2 also draws inspiration from its rich history.

Reconstruction was completed in 2016 and brought 13 exclusive apartments, including a 400 sqm Penthouse.

The Max Brod Suite is a one-of-a-kind 400 sqm apartment with features such as two underground parking places, 3.5 meter ceilings, a 115 sqm living room, wine lounge, private spa, multiple balconies .and an elevator that will provide direct access to this magnificent apartment

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