Prague 6

This 16th-century baroque chateau in Prague 6 was historically a grand family mansion. Like their forebears returning to their country manor, today’s residents will find The Chateau a lush, private sanctuary. The renovation of this extraordinary chateau comprises two spacious wings and a central arched core over three floors. It offers a total living space of approximately 1000 square meters with an overwhelming 1400 square meters of private garden. In addition, The Chateau offers its owner seven private, secured parking spaces.”

There are almost 8 billion people worldwide,
so there are nearly 8 billion opinions, needs, and points of view (give or take).
We are all different, but we are all people, so we all need a place to call home.
Because home is more than just a place where your heart is;
it is where, after everything that is said and done,
you always want to be.